China - With the rapid development of e-commerce in these developing countries, logistics for this newly expanding business is facing a severe test. As we all know, the promotional activities of these online shop set off a wave of online shopping winds. Moreover, the express parcel also follows up and sweep people¡¯s life. During this period of time, the warehouse for these logistic company have emerged express parcel explosion. The speed of the package sending could not beyond the packing receiving.

All of these logistic companies in these countries try their best to solving this problem. Their solutions include the increasing of delivery personnel, parcel collection, the establishment the common distribution point and so on. But, they still cannot change the slowing sending solution. Ultimately, the introduction of the Automated Parcel Terminals from famous supplier should be the best solution for this problem.

In other developed countries, the parcel locker has already had 10 years of development history. Each building in Japan has a standard Automated Parcel Terminal configuration for receiving Express. The operation of this machine is very simple. Only the valuable or privacy objects such as credit cards and other or other important items must be served my signature. Nowadays, Automated Parcel Terminal has been widely applied in Germany, Russia, France, Estonia and other European countries.

In February 2012 to June, DHL international tested three all time express parcels terminals in three Switzerland locations. The first self-service Automated Parcel Terminals had been installed in a gas station in Zurich and it has been already put into operation. The other two set has been installed to the west regions of Switzerland.

At some developing countries, the smart courier terminal is still in its infancy state. Many high-tech companies have introduced a variety of intelligent parcel machines such as . Small part of the region of these countries already has seen a figure of Automated Parcel Terminal, They are distributed in colleges, enterprises, institutions, communities, office buildings, factories and other places. These machines provide a free and convenient delivery services for people.

Perhaps these Parcel lockers cannot perfectly solve the peak situation of logistics but it will certain give people¡¯s lives the great convenience and other very personal services. If people have such interesting about the Automated Parcel Terminals, please do not hesitate to see the following contact information.


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