With numerous satisfied customers praising the affordable range and the ease in using the product, the Bamboo Changing Table Pad Liners designed by Luv4Baby are a massive hit among moms and their babies.

16th June 2016 — Luv4Baby has designed a new range of changing table pad liners made with eco friendly bamboo fiber and ideal for emergency situations. They make for a hygienic diaper changing experience for babies when moms are out with their newborns at shopping malls, restaurants and other such public places and need to change their babies’ diapers in an emergency.

The liners are designed using only the most superior materials. This not only keeps it lasting for a very long duration but at the same time it also makes it look good as new after every single wash. The changing table pad liners by Luv4Baby have been designed using bamboo fiber, which is known for its ability to provide a silky smooth surface to the product. This keeps the baby comfortable. They can also be washed in a machine, thus making it easier for moms who otherwise wash the liners by hand.

A very happy mom commented, “It's very soft and fits my daughter's changing pad perfectly. It has been put through the washer and dryer a couple of times and still looks like new. Definitely for this price it's a must buy! Great gift idea for any baby shower as well. I would highly recommend it.”

Another satisfied customer was pleased with the practical nature of the product. She also explained how she was excited about also gifting these bamboo changing table pad liners to her sister who would be delivering her baby soon. The fact that it is made with bamboo fiber gave her the peace of mind that the product was eco friendly. Not just that, the nature of the natural products used also gave the liners an incredible amount of softness that gave her baby the comfort that it needed. She was also very happy with the lower layer of the liners, which were waterproof.

Of the 39 customers who reviewed and gave an opinion of their experience of using the bamboo changing table pad liners by Luv4Baby, there was not a single customer that rated the product lower than 4 stars. 59% of the customers gave it a 5 star rating while 41% rated the product with 4 stars.

Some of the most common features that almost every customer liked include the practical nature of the product wherein panicking moms in emergency situations can use these liner with ease and knowing that it will keep unwanted germs off by maintaining the highest hygiene standards. In addition to this, they also liked the fact that they were protecting the environment by using these bamboo fiber pad liners, which also comforted their babies.

To know more about the bamboo changing table pad liners by Luv4baby, visit: https://www.amazon.com/Luv4Baby-Diapering-Antibacterial-Hypoallergenic-Waterproof/dp/B01CNEBIP6?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

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