The basically identification method for the high quality Louis Vuitton Bags

USA - People who have ever bought the authentic louis vuitton bags could prefer to know the identification methods about the bags. However, there would be no one who wants to purchase a false authentic louis vuitton bags with the price of the genuine one. So, the understanding for this kind of knowledge would be the necessary thing for people in this area. Today, the top grade online seller which website is would tell everyone this kind of knowledge.

The first factor is about the taste and flavor of the Louis Vuitton Bags. The people who have ever visited the shop for authentic louis vuitton bags could ever smell the special and unique taste of the LV leather. The people who have many experiences in this area would have the ability to identify the quality of the Louis Vuitton Bags by the taste of this kind of bag.

The second factor is about the method which is the water dripping. Many fake louis vuitton purses are made with imitation leather which has the bad ability for water absorption. When people are in purchasing of the louis vuitton purses, they should drop some water onto the part of leather LV bags. If it is the real leather LV bags or the high level of counterfeiting LV bag, you can see the phenomenon of leather sucking for water. If people wipe the water droplets, they could find the water stains on the surface.

Thirdly, if people want to identify whether the louis vuitton purses is false of true, they could carefully observe the tread depth of the surface of the bags.

The surface of the genuine Louis Vuitton Bags could be all produced by the special discount louis vuitton handabgs working process. However, the surface of the fake LV bags will be relatively rough. Nowadays, this kind of methods would not be the best choice for people because the high end production methods has made all of the leather surface become the same.

The fourth factor which people should take into consideration would be the color of the Louis Vuitton Bags. Frankly speaking, the color of the LV bags could be divided into many sorts. But, now this article would give people some factpr about the color of the classic LV bags. However, the color of fake LV bags might be brown. The color of the real one would be coffee with a little green. However, normal people would not have the ability to identify this little difference.

However, there are also many kinds of methods about the identification for louis vuitton damier ebene canvas the louis vuitton handbags and bags. If people want to know more about this kind of knowledge, they could browse the website