Beijing - The coal is the main energy in today¡¯s world. Almost 80 percent of energy for people¡¯s daily life is from the burning of coal. Nowadays, with the decreasing of the storage of the coal in the earth, the equipment for coal preparation has become more and more crucial. However, there are many different kinds of equipments for the coal preparation. Today, the most famous china manufacturer for coal preparation equipments such as coal washer and coal crusher would tell people the basically information about these equipments.

According to the different function of coal preparation equipment in the coal processing, this equipment could be broadly divided into the following categories.

The first type of this equipment should be the production process equipment which has already included the screening equipment, coal crushing equipment, sorting equipment, media, system equipment, enrichment equipment and coal drying equipment. This kind of equipment could change the nature of the production in the coal washing project and it is also a hub of the whole process in workshop production. These coal preparation equipments are the most important parts in the whole process of coal working process.

The second part of the process for coal preparation should be the auxiliary equipment. This part has included coal washing the transportation equipment, various types of pumps and shunting equipment. These equipments could play the crucial role of serve the coal washing and processing. The main system for the coal preparation equipments could not work without the normal operation of these auxiliary equipments.

Thirdly, it is related to the electrical equipment. This kind of equipment could help operator ensure the security of electricity of the whole coal preparation plant and equipments such as coal crusher and coal washer. The stable electric supply could keep the normal and stable operation of coal production equipment.

The fourth part should be the experimental research equipment which should include the medium -density line monitor, belt scale, ash monitor, dedicated small coal crushing machine for laboratory and grinding equipment for laboratory. These equipments could provide the coal factory with the carefully monitoring for product quality and quantity of coal preparation plant and equipments such as coal washing machine.

The last kind of coal preparation equipments should be the management equipment. This part has included various types of computers for the coal beneficiation production and operation of coal processing plant, video systems and other kinds of equipments. These equipments have significant meaning to improve coal production automation as well as timely feedback of information. However, if people want to get more information about the coal preparation equipments, they could browse the website

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