Germany - The production process of the shell button is unlike the production of resin buttons and wood buttons. This kind of shell buttons would pass the main process such as selection of shellfish, punching, polishing, pull the tank, punching, car surface and polished bleached. All of these seven processes would be necessary for the making of the shell buttons. The machinery source of the early production of shell buttons would be the rotation by people¡¯s foot and now this kind of mechanical could be instead of fully mechanized. However, for some button factory such as which is the most famous online seller for all kinds of buttons such as EG Coconut buttons and sewing buttons, they still use the semi- manual process for the button. This kind of method can keep natural luster and charm of the shell.

The expert from website would tell people the detailed information about the production process of the shell buttons.

The first step is the selection for the suitable shell. People should choose the different shells depending on the size and requirements of the shell buttons. However, the utilization for the shells is not high.

The second step is the punching process which is also known as blank check. The purpose of this shell buttons wholesale step is to make the first coin blank. This step is very common in other buttons¡¯ production process such as Flag buttons and crystal Buttons.

The most crucial step for the production of shell buttons is the polishing. The blank buttons should be polished on the wheel plane. After this step, people would find that the premier effect of the shell button would be displayed.

The other step is the button grooving. In this process, people should deduct one part of the middle of the button. This could let the button have concave shape.

The other step is the punching. The different kinds of shell buttons should be punched with different holes depending on different need. The general type would be two or four holes.

After the above step, the basically shape of the shell button has been finished. But, with the development of the economic and other factors, the demand of people for the button has become more and more high. So, there should be also added with another working process such as deal with surface and polishing and bleaching. These steps would let the appearance of the shell become more beautiful.

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