For beginners:

Winstrol + deck – a great combination for beginners. The combination does not cause significant side effects and works well for beginners who are in this phase is not needed potent steroids. Typically, use of 50 mg. Winstrol Depot every day (or every other day) + 200 mg of Deca per week. Since both weak steroid retain water, tremendous weight gain can not be achieved, but it will compile a list of high quality. In addition to that – a slight “roll back” (the most of gained, after completion of the course, will remain with you). Also, during the course of greatly increased power rates, which often persist after drug withdrawal.

Due to the fact that water does not accumulate these steroids, the combination is often used by experienced athletes in the pre-contest training. At the same time raise the dosage to 50 mg. Winstrol daily + 500 mg. Deca a week. In addition, sometimes even take Parabolan (200-250 mg. Per week).

Primobolan + Winstrol – one of the safest of combinations, can not be held for a virtually no side effects. Dosage: 50 mg. Winstrol every other day + 200 mg. Primobolan week. There is only one problem – the high price of steroids. But who really can afford himself and those who are vigilant about health care, this combination – perhaps the best that can be offered. Injectable Primobolan retains water, so as a rule, it is possible to achieve impressive performance and a set of power supply.

In pre-contest practice is often used form of oral Primobolan, which does not retain water (as opposed to injectable version). Primobolan tablets, however, are less effective than injections, so they must be consumed in large doses. In this case, the athletes take 50-100 mg. Primobolan + 150 mg per day. Winstrol Depot per week. Experience in this regard should not be, because pills are not alkylated by 17-alpha, and do not harm the liver (in contrast to many other oral steroids), even in such quantities.

Oxandrolone + Andriol – a perfect combination for a beginner. Gives only a qualitative increase in weight, a lot of power. All this without a significant impact on the production of testosterone, no aromatization … In general, almost water lapped, but the water lapped with a good result. After discontinuation of drugs remains a significant part of progress. Dosage: 240 mg. Andriol and 25 mg. Oxandrolone every day. A minus of steroids is the high price of both drugs. specializes in the sale of anabolic steroids. You can always buy anabolic steroids as Testosterone enanthate, Nolvadex, Clomid, Proviron, Sustanon, testosterone and other essential steroids. cooperates only with reliable manufacturers that have corresponding medical certificate. The experts thoroughly check the products upon receipt. Every anabolic steroids and tested and the detection of cases of fraud or other types of defects are rejected immediately and destroyed. has increased level of security for customer’s data. They are stored in encrypted form and are not disclosed under any circumstances.