Since 1944, with the history beginning from 70 years ago, Midwest fabrication is a site that provides superior quality service to their customers. It is a site which deals with all kind of welding, laser and plasma cutting and ducting as well as in fabrication. The site is popular and has gained many positive votes as they are known for providing the right sizes of metal fabrication by judging the flexibility and versatility and is also known for their effective welding projects.

Midwest fabricators has been remarked as the best site which has the best skilled and experienced staff who are known to have the efficiency and skills in manufacturing products for multitude of applications in numerous and broad ranges of industries.

Their custom fabrication has been well praised by many and the different metal fabrication services for which they are known for includes; conveyors, handrails, ladder, stairs, ramps, cabinets, platforms, brackets and supports, pipe support and saddles and much more. This site is also known for their wealth of experience in various other fields which includes structural steel, skid and tank fabrication. Customers have reviewed that the site offers the best and wide range of competitive fabrication services which is tailored according to the needs and requirements of their clients.

The works performed by Midwest staffs are efficient and safety assured as well as have been remarked to be well done on time and on the right budget. They are also known for possessing all the equipments which helps in carrying a wide variety of tasks for their customers; works related to cutting, punching, tapping and shaping sheets and plate metal with 24 hours services and customer support.

Known for having the power to handle all kinds of works related to welding, fabrication, power coating and sand, they are known for ensuring the best service with continuous learning and safety with the best atmosphere of integrity and encouragement.



Edmonton ,  Alberta

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