Attacks by animals and pets gone rogue can seem like the stuff of jokes and movies, but it is very much a reality. Even in a city like Timmins, animal attacks can and do happen. Consider one recent case, when a woman jogging on Maclean Drive was attacked by a dog. This is just one of several incidents. When an individual suffers injuries as a result of an animal attack, the owner of that animal must be held responsible. The best way to do that is through a personal injury suit.

Residents of Timmins concerned about their ability to afford to launch such a suit need no longer worry as a new practice is getting geared up to begin work in the city. No one should have to worry about long-term suffering and financial burdens caused by animal attacks and bites. Opening soon, the firm will offer a new route to the courts on an affordable basis to Timmins and the surrounding area. The firm will seek to afford access to the legal protection and representation that everyone deserves, especially in the case of animal attacks caused by owner negligence.

This firm is opening with an eye on becoming one of the premier personal injury lawyer Timmins. Fielding lawyers who have accumulated a wealth of experience with civil trial practices, the firm expects to be open for business soon. Individuals with injury cases including animal attacks and bites, road accidents, workplace injuries, and more, can expect to receive attentive counsel and a free case evaluation from the firm. Families seeking representation in wrongful death suits are also welcomed to inquire. With the goal of opening up a wider avenue to access justice under the law for the common people, the firm and its partners looks forward to serving the area.

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