23, July 2015: The premium website, World Nursing Jobs have launched their exclusive LinkedIn page ‘World Wide Nursing Jobs’ featuring the best nursing posts available around the globe to the best nurses. Each of these job opportunities comes with an attractive remuneration package.

Nursing is an occupation highly in demands all over the world. However, searching the perfect nursing job or getting touch with the most suitable candidates can be frustrating for both the nursing candidates and the hospital administration without being ripped of by money seeking online job banks. Understanding this circumstance extremely well, World Nursing Jobs launched their exclusive World Nursing Jobs website allowing hospitals, clinics, hospices, attention living care centers and other healthcare organizations to invite experienced or trainee nurses to submit their curriculum vitae, without paying a single cent! In addition, the job hunting nursing candidates could also select healthcare organizations based on their preference and submit there applications. Taking this social service a step forward, World Nursing Jobs created their own LinkedIn page, World Wide Nursing Jobs recently. The company believes that this will create a unique marketplace of employers and nursing job seekers around the globe.

Nursing jobs advertised in the LinkedIn page available at www.linkedin.com/company/world-wide-nursing-jobs and the official website is not limited to Europe or the US. The opportunities posted cover all five continents and all specialties. Thus, nurses with specialized knowledge looking for a better remuneration package or nurses looking for a job in a different region can simply visit the LinkedIn page or website and get hold of the most satisfying career opportunity, which can be once in a lifetime chance. On the other hand, healthcare centers are given the opportunity to choose a crew of dedicated, enthusiastic and skilled nurses without a hassle.

World Wide Nursing Jobs LinkedIn page is not all about announcing best world nursing jobs; it features many important articles and current news shared on internet by international news hubs that are relevant to the nursing career.

Join www.linkedin.com/company/world-wide-nursing-jobs for a rewarding career in the field of nursing and to be updated on the latest news about the industry.

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