USA; 25 March 2014: It can get a little troublesome for first time travelers to schedule trips to their upcoming travel destinations. There are numerous tour sites out there that could dispense some aid in planning for such trip as most of these sites contain links to the best accommodations and packages available on the Internet., a new travel guide website, did something far better. It has its built-in search engines with algorithm that lists the many deals from various places on the web to help save consumers more time, effort and money. 

Unique Search Engine Functionality 

To make things more exciting, Net Hotel Rooms has put all its efforts into providing three separate search engines with a sole purpose in mind: bring forth convenience to its users. The first search engine is based off an online database of 260,000 hotels gathered from 220 countries. Because the hotels are gathered from all regions around the world, the site can be easily translated into 26 different languages at the click of a button. In addition to that, the site is also able to transact in 120 different currencies, making the reservation procedures effortless for its patrons. Some of the major hotel and booking affiliates that participates in the search engine include Hilton, Agoda, Carlson and Travelocity. 

What good will accommodations bring if a traveler doesn’t get moving from their home country to the country that they’re traveling to? So, the next two other unique search engines involves transportation needs. The first of the two transportation related search engine will help the traveler in finding the best flight deals available that travels from the traveler’s home country to his/her destination. Here’s the direct link to the search engine: Net Hotel Rooms is proud to be partnering with 800 airline companies here and abroad for this purpose! 

The last search engine is dedicated to car rentals. Everyone wants the mobility once he/she touches down at its travel destination. This search engine helps the traveler finds the best local car rental deals available in the region. It has aggregated trusted names such as Expedia, Holiday Autos, eBookers and Auto Europe into its database. The search engine now covers over 800 partner agencies at 300,000 locations in 174 countries. This is something no other website has ever done before. This search engine is accessible here: 

The Travel Journal 

The owners of are still dealing with their own dose of wanderlust, so it’s only fitting that this passion turned into a profitable and enjoyable endeavor. Given that traveling is also their hobby, sharing insights that help incite the wanderlust in every online guest is something that they do via the blogging section of their website. This section is also known as the “Travel Journals” section. The blogging area contains handy tips and reviews of some of the world’s most iconic travel destinations. Some of the places included in the blogging area include the exotic Puerto Rico and Cancun, the sophisticated King’s Cross in London, and even the historic Rome. It also features beautiful Bangkok, the exciting Philippines, the ever romantic Paris, and the paradise in Sardinia. As the owners travel to more places in the future, there will only be more and more these getaway journals added to this blogging area! 

About Net Hotel Rooms: 

NetHotelRooms.Com is a newly established travel website that features three unique built-in search engines that aim to provide three travel planning essentials: accommodations, flights and car rentals. Its owners are highly passionate in the subject of traveling and tourism, so they dedicate an entire blogging area within the website itself to share to the world a glimpse of their adventures at some of the most interesting travel destinations in the world!