USA — The Lululemon now has become the synonymous word of fashion. No matter for the big stars or ordinary housewife, everyone is proud to have one set of Lulu Lemon products such as the lululemon pants, lululemon athletic and lululemon jacket. This brand is the fashion trend of nowadays sportswear market.

As we all know, the lululemon Canada has made Yoga be shifted from the weight-loss campaign to group activities which could attract many people to participate in. Bryant Park in Manhattan, it will be weekly organized twice opening yoga classes which are sponsored by lululemon. Every time there are about 400 women who would take part in the class and most of these participants would wear the yoga clothing of lululemon. This activity could not only gather more and more fans for lululemon but also could attract more and more potential clients. As we all know, most of the women like the sports such as yoga.

Now, Lululemon was seemed to be not only a clothing brand but also a way of life style. In the East Side in the United States, the lululemon outlets and shopping bags are almost everywhere and the shopping bags have been printed on the inspiring words that every day you need to do one thing which would make you feel amazing. In Chester, Lulu Lemon seems to become a social tool for communication. The women would say that the women here all wear the lululemon jacket and lululemon yoga.

The super stars such as Avril Lavigne, Brooke Shields, Felicity Huffman, Jennifer Ghana, Courteney Cox, Kate Winslet and Kate Hudson are all willing to wearing the Lululemon. The Lululemon’s hardcore fans have also established the Lululemon blog and facebook group. On the other hand, the online shop for the lululemon discount is also very hot. The website is a typical seller for the wholesale lululemon clothing and other famous brand clothing. If you want to buy the lululemon online, you should choose this website.

From the first store began in 2000 in Vancouver to the the company listed in 2007, a large part of the Lululemon’s success should thank to marketing genius Chip Wilson. From 2007 to 2008, sales of Lulu Lemon have reached to 3.5 billion U.S. dollars and they have totally opened 113 stores. Due to the advantages of close, comfortable and good permeability, this brand is known as the Canada’s first professional sports brand. In North America, it is the first choice sportswear of the people who want to have the yoga and fitness.

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