USA - The OBD is the abbreviation of On-Board Diagnostic which is one kind of board diagnostic system. In recent years, the OBD device such as MB star together with the mobile APP is very popular. However, this article from website will briefly introduce and analyze the OBD mode from the functional, technical, business models and trends.

The first factor is about the function. Entertainment, traffic, location and security are the main function of the car networking. The location could be mainly depended on navigation. The security function has mainly contained the vehicle theft, accident and rescue. After the rising of the mobile Internet, the assistant function of the car which has been expressed into the forum model has been transformed onto the phone. People could find the functions such as calling taxi, riding and other mobile APP.

The vehicle networking system in OBD mode has been mainly consisted of the OBD end such as mb star launch x431 and BMW ICOM, back-office systems, mobile phones and other physical modules. Logically, this is a typical networking system architecture which has been consisted of data collection, data analysis, the results show and other components.

The main data are currently collected from OBD, GPS and G-Sensor. The data from OBD device such as super MB star is the most important. The port of OBD device such as launch x431 could be connected with an external reading device to resolve the car OBD obtained vehicle data. On the other hand, the GPS and G-Sensor can be integrated with the OBD device such as BMW ICOM. In order to obtain location information, some system would collect the data from GSM base station. However, they could confirm their location through the base station. Currently, most of the products in OBD mode such as MB star c3 do not support G-Sensor.

The last is the future development trend. However, the car of the future may not be sbb key programmer motorized but it will be electronically. The vehicles will become the largest electronic products. On the other hand, this view has also been accepted by more and more people accept. At current stage, the directions of the development of automotive electronics have contained the conventional smart vehicles, vehicle networking, electrification, unmanned driving and others. Nowadays, all of these factors above could depend on the OBD devices such as launch x431 and BMW ICOM.

However, the OBD device such as MB star and launch x431 would be very important for every car owner. For people who need this kind of device, the website would be the best choice for them.

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