UK - Recently, the blog of the most famous China online supplier for e cigarette which website is has announced the news about the British market for e cigs. The content of this news is that some scholars from the field of Europe health care, officials and tobacco industry practitioners gathered in the Royal Society to discuss the impact of electronic cigarettes on public health and how to standardize management this market. The official of paid more attention to this news because British market is their main market.

At the beginning of the publishing of the best e cigarettes , this kind of products has attracting people attention by the concept which is healthier than traditional cigarettes. It is reported that it does not contain tobacco and the mist generated by the atomization does not contain the content of tar, suspended particles and the volume of nicotine and other harmful substances is much lower than those in the conventional cigarettes. Sales manager from said that the number of smokers who death by their smoking habit is up to 5.4 million. However, if the smokers are able to switch to use the electronic cigarettes, it will be able to save millions of lives. In the past four years, the electronic cigarette sales of were doubled in every year. Their products have been widely accepted by consumers from British.

However, the charger of the British organization Action on Smoking and Health official pointed out that the promotion of electronic cigarettes on public health may be a leaping but people are still impossible to know more about the long term affect from the electronic cigarette. In particular, the society is lack of laws and regulations for this industry and cannot ensure safety and effectiveness of the electronic cigarette. Therefore, the industry needs more standardized management.

It is understood that the smoke from e cigarette accessories is not the real smoking mist, therefore, this kind of product is not subjected by the tobacco industry regulations. For example, the regulation which people cannot smoke in public places cannot be imposed on electronic cigarettes. Most of British dining and entertainment, shopping and leisure venues are willing to enacting its own rules.

The British Medical Association is advocated the bans of electronic cigarette in public places. They fear that the releasing for this product will cause adversely effects to more children. Currently, British Airways, rail transport sectors as well as some universities and chain bars are clearly prohibits the electronic cigarette.

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