20, August 2015: What boys need the most is the buddy who can have fun with them when they need and disappear immediately when they need to focus on others like girlfriends. How could this be real? It’s real because Airwheel has brought people the X6 electric unicycles—the “buddy like air” which always accompanies boys and makes no interrupt.

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As the top model in Airwheel X series electric unicycles, Airwheel X6 have the most advanced vehicle units in X series, like upgraded CPU and wheels. Also the designs of Airwheel X6 are also refined to be more sporty and fashionable in both colour styles and contour.

When needed, Airwheel X6 will offer riders the great joy. Most young people always want to experience novel thrills and want fun anytime and anywhere. Airwheel X6 electric unicycles are the most portable electric scooters and also the innovative intelligent vehicles compared with traditional vehicles. So Airwheel X6 electric scooters offer riders the novel riding experiences. And the design ideas and top-quality vehicle parts of Airwheel electric scooters make it possible for riders to play amazing movements like jumps and crouch ridings. Riding with friends can also be the great fun for friends can play speed games or cooperate with each other to create new ways of playing Airwheel X6.


When riders don’t need Airwheel X6 electric scooters, they will disappear immediately. Any time riders want to stop, they just need to adjust slightly their body direction and the X6 unicycles will stop soon. And after arriving at the destination, the X6 unicycles only take up small spaces, for example the lockers in the supermarket. The small size of Airwheel X6 causes only one trouble to riders—riders may forget the tiny yet powerful fellows because they are too small to be always in the sights of people.

Airwheel X6 intelligent scooters are riders’ close buddy which show up or disappear immediately when riders need. Is there anyone who don’t want such a good friend?

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