11, December 2014: On 2 December 2014, Daily Mail’s Ben Spencer published a study asserting that left-handed people are not as financially successful as right-handed folk, whereas on 3 December 2013, John Naish released a separate study mentioning “Why being left-handed can make you more effective,” in the very same paper, leaving everybody questioning which research is to be believed.


The present research of 47,000 people in the UK and United States exposed that the left-handed are still at a disadvantage in the office, while likewise mentioning that left-handed workers earned 12 % less over their lifetime as compared to right handed employees. It was also revealed that one in eight people were naturally left-handed, with data suggesting that left-handed kids would likely encounter learning problems at school. Professor Joshua Goodman, an economist at Harvard, Massachusetts has in fact suggested that people who write left-handed would need to lead a life with a variety of drawbacks.

A number of researchers also say that the reason why we use our left hand over the right is as a result of how the hemispheric predisposition is developed in the womb, where our essential brain structures was initially formed. Professor Goodman has claimed to have actually found a relationship between left-handed preference and low birth rates, saying that the left-handed had most likely suffered some type of trauma or tension within the womb.

Why being left-handed can make you more successful was the title of the research study released in the Daily Mail last December by John Naishbut, who likewise mentioned that a risk of mental illness or being injured in a mishap, are other possible scenarios for left-handed individuals. Historically speaking, left-handed individuals were identified “cack-handed” or even “evil,” and more recently youngsters were even forced to write with their right hand at school. Brand-new evidence though does suggest that left-handedness can typically be because of developmental problems, and potentially making lefties end up being more prone to specific mental illness or simply being accident-prone.

Also included in last year’s news release was the question of whether lefties were disproportionately successful, pointing out Albert Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Paul McCartney as possible candidates. The research study about left-handedness came from Yale University, with analysts asserting their study did actually show the presence of a strong link between the left-handed and psychotic disorders like schizophrenia. The research study exposed that while one out of 10 people were left-handed, that a remarkable 4 out of 10 individuals with a schizophrenic ailment were lefties.

Peter Halm, official representative for success niche best seller “A Bug Free Mind,” said that the case for succeeding didn’t always depend on which hand a person writes with, however more on individuals having a mental blockage that avoids them from ending up being successful. He included… “Regarding the 2 contrasting reports about left handed individuals, I reckon there’s probably a bit of truth in each article, but not when it comes to being successful, which depends mostly on a person’s capability to get rid of existing bugs in their mind.”

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