There has been a rather dramatic shift in trends in outdoor furniture Sydney and in the rest of Australia. The sales figures of outdoor furniture reached at all time high in 2013 and the numbers are expected to look up in 2014. The number of people now buying outdoor furniture online is also on the rise as local Australian furniture manufacturers and sellers clamour for space in the online marketplace.


Colour has seen the biggest change in trend in outdoor furniture Sydney in the last couple of years. The hitherto safe colours are out of fashion as consumers are now considering furniture in contrasting colours - colours that are explosive in nature. As per Adam Robinson, one of the well known landscape designers in Sydney, people seem to embrace more colours as the weather becomes hotter. People are now moving away from brown to earthy tones and soft pastel colours. There has been a remarkable rise in liking for colours like pink, mint green, powder blue, burnt orange and lavender.


Going modular is another new trend in outdoor furniture Sydney. The modern modular outdoor furniture pieces allow for configuration changes so that one is able to alter the size and shape of their furniture basis the size and shape of the outdoor space available. For example now one can buy ottomans that can be converted into coffee tables. Fire pit chairs and tables with space for growing plants around the seating design are also very popular nowadays.


Another trend in outdoor furniture Sydney worth mentioning is refinement. Even wooden furniture designs are focusing on being lighter. Motion furniture pieces are finding more takers. Hammocks and swing seats are as popular as ever but swivel seats and pod chairs are also finding many buyers.


As far as buying outdoor furniture online is concerned Australians are really warming up to the concept. There was a 46% increase in online shopping in Australia between 2011 and 2013. Three in ten Australians now shop online every week and the average spending on online shopping per person per month is now 6% up at $218. The encouraging news for the local Australian manufacturers is that 79% Australians prefer shopping from local websites than overseas websites.


There is another important trend among consumers when it comes to shopping for outdoor furniture online or any other product for that matter. More consumers are now spending considerable amounts of time researching product features and prices before they part with their money. More consumers are now focusing on the online reviews posted by fellow consumers and there is a general increase in awareness in this area. In this scenario sellers with good reputation in the market for products and after sales service are doing better.


If you are planning on shopping for outdoor furniture Sydney then these are some of the points to consider. Today the outdoor furniture online stores offer some of the best furniture items at unbelievable prices. If you follow the right procedures you should have those perfect furniture items for your home.



More Australians are now comfortable shopping for outdoor furniture online and you will find the experience convenient too. Consider the latest trends in outdoor furniture Sydney and shop online.