Beijing - The steel flanges connection is one kind of detachable connection. There are holes on the steel flange. These holes could be worn with bolts so that the two flanges could be abutted. The steel flange could be sealed by gaskets between two flanges. According to the connected components, the steel flanges can be divided into the container flanges and pipe flanges. Now, the expert form website would tell people the detailed information about this information.

The connection methods of the pipe flanges can be divided into five basic types which are flat welding flange, welded flange, threaded flange, socket welding flange and loose flange.

The first point is flat welding flange. This kind of flat welding flange could be used for 2.5MPa carbon steel pipe fittings pipe connection. The sealing surface of flat welding flange can be made into smooth style, lenticular and tenon slot. The application of smooth type flat welding flange is the largest. This kind of steel flange could be used for the condition which media is in moderate cases such as low-voltage non- purified compressed air and low pressure circulating water. It has the advantage of relatively cheap price.

The other is the welded flange. For the corresponding welding of the pipe and flange, this kind of welding style has contained the reasonable structure, strength and stiffness and it can withstand high temperature and pressure. On the other hand, this kind of welding could also resist repeated bending and temperature fluctuations. The sealing is very reliable. The nominal pressure is 0.25 to 2.5MPa.

The other kind flange is the loose flange which is commonly known as removable flange. The expert from website which is the best online seller for valve in china has said that this kind of steel flange is commonly used in the situation which the medium temperature and pressure are not too high and medium corrosive is high. When the corrosive of medium is too high, the material of connection area of flange would be the corrosion-resistant and other high-grade materials such as stainless steel and other materials. However, the material of outside area would be the low-grade materials such as carbon steel.

The last kind is the integral flange. This kind of steel flange is often in that situation which the steel ductile iron pipe flange has been integrated into the equipment, pipes fittings, gate valves, butterfly valves and other kind of equipments. However, this kind of steel flange could be commonly used for the valves and other devices.

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