Coldfusion is a programming language that is quite old, having been introduced in 1995 by JJ Allaire. It went into the hands of Macromedia for a while but is owned by Adobe systems nowadays. There are many different programming languages being used by web developers around the world. Though Java, C++, and PHP are very popular, Coldfusion programming language has taken strong roots in all parts of the world and professionals proficient in Coldfusion programming are in great demand these days.


Coldfusion is a language based upon HTML and is used to write feature rich web pages. However, this Rapid Action Development (RAD) tool is much more than what this basic definition suggests as it has great variety and complexity. Coldfusion programming provides fast, efficient, and low cost means to build a complex and highly interactive website. As a web developer, this is a language loved for its ability to develop websites in a short turnaround time. Coldfusion programming language is referred to as CFML and it is easy to learn for those who have a prior experience of working with HTML.


If you are running an E-commerce site or any other highly interactive website, you have a number of options in terms of hosting your website. Every hosting option comes with its pros and cons and you need to find an option that matches your requirements. One option that has become very popular among interactive site owners these days is Coldfusion hosting. If you are troubled by excessive lines of code with your present hosting arrangement, you will be mighty relieved with Coldfusion hosting as it does not require high amount of code. This is one of the biggest advantages of hosting with Coldfusion.


When using this hosting option, you have another advantage of integrating your database with dynamic templates easily. This means you are spared from creating HTML page for every web page of your site as you can make do with templates for the content on the site. This is a very important benefit for some companies, especially those who need to make frequent changes in the content on their website. With HTML, you are required to make changes to every page of the website but this is not the case with Coldfusion hosting.


Despite these advantages, not all hosting companies use Coldfusion and you will find that those offering affordable prices for hosting your website make use of PHP, ASP or JSP. This is why you need to do some searching to find a company offering this hosting. But even when you find a company providing this kind of hosting, it is better to check on the experience, reputation, and credentials of the company. It is easy to write 99.99% uptime but you better learn the actual uptime they get from the company.


Setting up the server and the engine makes Coldfusion hosting a bit expensive and this is the reason why most web hosts avoid offering this kind of hosting. But the fact remains that it is much more efficient and requires much less human effort than other hosting options.



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