Typically women who go to the gym or are looking to transform their body will either want to spend hours on a treadmill, or focus on their abs, buttocks and inner thigh. Chances are grip strength has not even come to mind however fitness professionals agree it should be on the list!

Not only can strengthening your hand and wrist assist with making day-to-day activities for women easier but it can help you train with a better technique and perform better in sports.

The reality is, 90% of what we do requires us to use our hands whether it is brushing our teeth, lifting weights or even holding a tennis racquet. One of the most limiting factors in the gym is in fact grip strength.

How can you lift a weight if you cannot hold on to a dumbbell properly?

While your body and muscle capacity is most likely more than capable of completing a particular lift or general physical task a limited or weak grip strength could stop even the world’s strongest man! This is why ‘getting a grip’ needs to be on everyone’s, especially females; fitness list.

So the question is, how do you get a stronger grip?

While training with dumbbells and the barbell will eventually improve your grip strength, hand strengthening tools such as hand grippers and even stress balls are a far more effective tool that will give you faster results.

Hand grippers in particular isolate the hand, wrist and forearms muscles by using a simple gripping motion. Using a hand grippers few times a week has be known to generate results in less than 2 weeks.

For the best results you need to use grippers that provide a strong resistance and have a comfortable handle so the skin on your hands does not tear. Supreme Squeeze is a new product available on Amazon and ticks all of these boxes.

Plan your fitness goals and schedule the right way! Incorporate grip strength and hand conditioning in order to help your body achieve the best possible results.