There are a great many players swooning over Airwheel S-series self-balancing scooter. Although s-series is made for social elites or those of substance, the ordinary people also like its design and style. Prior to the announcement of S5, there were merely two types of S-series, i.e. S3 and S3T. They have different colour. When users want to buy accclly them, the only consideration is the colour.
On 18 June, Airwheel rolled out another S-series model, thereafter those who had wanted to buy S3 are torn between S5 and S3. The difference between the two models is worth an analysis for a reference.

The scooters of the same series have much in common. Take S3 and S5 for example. They follow the long-standing excellent points of Airwheel. They both use the SONY- and Panasonic- made lithium-ion battery core, along with the CHENG SHIN tyres, maglev motor and the built-in intelligent chip. 4-inch screen-equipped S3 and S5 enjoy the contoured and sleek design style with IP56-level protection.

After all, they are different, for S3 and S5 both have its own merits. The shaft of S3 has the atmosphere lights, showing its characters. The strong point is its price, only half of S5.

S5 is a type of S-series new product. In respect of performance, S5 is superior to S3 all over. S5 has a larger-capacity battery and a more powerful motor, which provide a longer range and a strong thrust. The wide tyres make S5 tougher so that it can conquer terrains that are more complex.

If S3 serves as a transport in the city for those office commuter, the design notion of S5 is for city dwellers to de-stress and stay closer to nature. Therefore, users could purchase their scooter according to their taste and demand.

Mr. Tang
Airwheel electric scooter brand
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