The Cosmopolitan Collection recently announced their mission statement (their reason for being) to the general public. The company’s own Rob Bowser commented on the release recalling, “...the mission statement has served as a source of inspiration for its [management and employees], and we hope now that it will inspire others as well.” The company currently focuses on making an innovative acrylic cosmetic organizer, and the mission statement is as follows:

Organization is Commitment
Since its founding, Cosmopolitan Collection has committed its time, knowledge, and efforts to one product: makeup organizers. It is a product with the ability to impact, as it empowers all to improve their life, organize their products, and save and manage their time better. Organization is our commitment.

Organization is Art
Cosmopolitan Collection has defined its mission and set its course by offering women and men everywhere the most creative and innovative makeup organizers regarding quality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Organization is our art.

Organization is Adventure
Since its creation, Cosmopolitan Collection has consistently pushed the borders of knowledge and innovation. Unique access to research grants active exploration to virgin ground in innovation and invention in the realms of production. Organization is our adventure.

Organization is Motion
Connecting customers to products that embellish quality of life, Cosmopolitan Collection distributes its influence the lives of all, elderly and youthful. Met by challenges, it pushes to touch all homes and hearts. Organization is our motion.

Cosmopolitan Collection, dedicated to designing organization for the world.
The Cosmopolitan Collection currently offers a single cosmetic organizer. It has four drawers, a detachable top and bottom piece, and 16 variable spaces for different cosmetic items. Lavished with positive reviews on Amazon, the clear makeup organizer is also injection molded with an innovative clear acrylic resin. Currently discounted for $36.99, the makeup organizer from Cosmopolitan Collection can be found on where all orders over $49 receive free shipping.
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