Figures announced today show improvement for the economy but how does this affect the systems at JTM

Today‘s ONS (Office of National Statistics) announcement of the economies 0.1% growth over the last quarter, spells the end of the retraction, seen over the last 6 consecutive quarters. As these preliminary figures suggest (the ONS will release further figures on 26th February and 30th March), the Recession could finally be over. We look back on the recessions affect on the small business market and most importantly what JTM Solutions has done to battle this and come out a Recession winner.
It‘s been a tough three years for small and large business alike. We‘ve seen the closure of many high street chains, banks and takeovers of international corporations struggling to succeed. Despite all of this, JTM, an independently owned marketing company in North Essex have seen amazing growth and production, expanding into Wales and as of yesterday, Norwich. Manager Joshua Peace puts this down to the cost effective way in which JTM work for the clients. “We offer our clients an affordable campaign package and a great way to attract high quality customers. The Recession has caused many businesses to cut costs and think up new ideas, and we had a readymade marketing solution for them!”
Mr Peace admits the Recession had him worried, “like most people in business, the economic news concerned me but I‘m pleased to say we have managed to buck the trend and this is shown in current expansion and the future plans. Obviously today‘s announcement gives everyone a certain degree of hope, if only a small one, but I‘m confident JTM will continue to thrive no matter what the economic situation!”

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