UK - In the past seven years, with the influence of the gainful factors such as continued economic growth, the increasing of the number of households and low interest rates of bank, the housing market of Birmingham city centre apartments has had a greatly rising. But in the beginning of 2013, this market of the rent in Birmingham city centre has remained in a downturn. According to the data from the expert of website which is the best letting agents in Birmingham city centre, the housing market has had a great decreasing compared to April. However, the renting market of this city has had a highly increasing.

From the report of Britain's biggest mortgage lender, the data has shown that the level of UK house prices has been fallen in July. Due to the economic downturn, the potential buyers would have more cautious for the debt burdened for the house in UK such as Birmingham city centre apartments. According to data from website, the huge number of international students combined with the world's major financial and industrial center, London¡¯s house price has been increased little. The performance of most other UK cities such as Birmingham has had declining trend.

The current price of Birmingham city centre apartment such as a bedroom apartment which is about 70 square meters would be rent in birmingham city centre probably 13 to 14 million pounds. The expert from website has also said that this price is not too experience but the British should levy annual taxes on the property of the house and apartments. Whether landlord or the tenant of the house, they should be turned over to the local government for the municipal property tax. The value of tax would be changed by the price of the property so this part of the cost needs to be counted into the price of the real estate.

Although many of UK residents such as the resident in Birmingham would believe that the long-held holding for real estate is one kind of good investment, the concept such as earning money by the investment to the real estate has not been widely recognized by most of British. This kind of situation is not just like the condition in other countries¡¯ city such as China and Shanghai. In these cities, the real estate would be a very good method for investment.

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