Beijing - Statistics from the professional insider for Beijing real estate has shown that the price index of China¡¯s top ten cities which are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Wuhan, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Chengdu has had great increasing. This phenomenon could indicate that the price of the apartment in Beijing would have great enhancing. The price problem is always the vexed problem for people who work in Beijing. If people want to know enough news about the apartment in Beijing, they should view the Maxview Realty.

The expert from website has said that the increasing rate of the price for Beijing apartment has already reached to 17.05 percent. This kind of increasing rate has surpassed the price increasing rate of Guangzhou and Shenzhen at the first half of this year. The price increasing of Beijing apartment has already become the first city among all of the ten cities. When the prices has had great increasing, the sale volume of apartments in Beijing is also rising.

According to the market research statistics of the Maxview Realty which website is, the turnover of Beijing new commodity housing from August 1 to 14has already reached to 4806 units which has already increased up to 50.3 percent. The turnover of Beijing apartments from August 1 to 14 has already decreased 20 percent comparing to the same month in last year. If this number had been deducted the indemnity housing, the turnover of the commercial housing should be 4417 units.

The executing of the five rules for Beijing apartments is very severe. However, no matter what kind of beijing apartment strategic such as 20 percent of a tax policy, single purchase discount or the directly limitation for the price of the apartment in Beijing, all of these measurements could not help to control the rising of the price for the Beijing apartments. The Real Estate analyst from Maxview Realty has said that Beijing apartments market has been in the situation of shortly supply for a long period of time while the turnover of second-hand housing has also had fluctuation phenomenon.

However, the purchasing of the Beijing apartments has still been the difficult problem for people apartments beijing who living in Beijing. The high price would be a very troubling problem for these people. If people want to save money, they should first choose one suitable agency for the Beijing apartments. The Maxview Realty is the most famous agency for Beijing apartment. This company has entered into this industry for many years. If people want to purchase or rent the apartment in Beijing, this website should be the best choice for these people.

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