United Kingdom; 27, January 2015: Epilepsy disorder is a serious disease that are common in children due to drug misuse and brain dysfunctional carried through genes. The Daisy Garland helps such cases to get the necessary medications and support through their charitable trust.

The family run fund organization helps the drug-resistant epilepsy patients to get the right control for epilepsy. The small family run charity has helped many children with childhood epilepsy across United Kingdom with their supported Ketogenic diet plan. The charity looks in helping and promoting the worth of controlling the disaster caused by the disease in many families. The Daisy Garland also campaigns through various other charitable programs like marathons and coffee making sessions to support their notable cause.

The organization also has the support from many companies who do their part to fundraise the noble cause of the Daisy Garland mission. The objective is to help the families from staying away from the hazardous pain that come with epilepsy. The funding is done through various mediums including famous celebrities and renowned shopping chains. The shoppers who buy from specific shops and online portals help in giving some part of the money as charity. The shoppers do not have to pay anything more but a small amount is taken from the total bill in favor for Daisy Garland.

The charity supports children under the age of 12 with all kinds of able help and required equipments like monitors that are used at homes. Apart from these the charity looks in supporting ketogenic dietitian who works for epileptic children to control their fight towards the disease. The group also focuses in giving the right childhood epilepsy advice to the children who are suffering from it. The ketogenic dietitians are funded so that they get the right infrastructure to back up their developments towards improvements. The Daisy Garland also has patrons in the form of Emma Thompson and Jane Asher who campaigns and support the cause of the charitable house.

The ketogenic dietitians work in support for the National Health System to take care of epileptic children under the age of 12. Their multiple health programs and generous support through home based equipments have so far changed the life of many. The families who are part of the health programs contribute in small amounts to make up for a wholesome amount so the ketogenic dietitians can be supported.

The Daisy Garland is one of the few registered that work fully towards child health development with their honest work towards epilepsy. The organization run by a family of three was founded in 2005 as a result of personal loss of a dear one to the same disease.

About Daisy Garland:

Website: www.daisygarland.org.uk

The charitable organization works fully in fighting against epilepsy in small children and helping them to cope up with its cruel side effects. The trust can be reached from their website www.daisygarland.org.uk