USA - The Nike Mercurial Vapor soccer shoes which has been first introduced in 2003. The generation of this kind of soccer shoes has grown into the ninth generation which is called the Nike mercurial vapor 9. Although the shape is more or less changed, the design concept which is the pursuit of speed and explosiveness has been retained. Today, the best online seller for 2013 Nike mercurial which website is would introduce with people the Nike mercurial vapor ix.

The new Nike Mercurial Vapor IX shoes series has contained its superior parcel while it has also been added the new ACC technology which could help people ensure the enough rubbing force with the football in different weather. The midsole and heel of the football shoes such as Nike mercurial cr7 would be made by two lightweight fiber glasses which could allows players have a immediately jumping from a standstill. On the other hand, it will also provide excellent ability for direction changing.

There are many advantages of this kind of new shoes which name is Nike mercurial vapor 9. Expert from website would let people 2013 nike mercurial know these factors one by one. The first main factor is about the excellent gripping force. However, the perfect gripping design would bring people with highly explosive speed. The two studs on shoes¡¯ soles would help hind paw feet quickly get rid of turf. The asymmetrical design of studs would help people get more explosive. The studs can be cut into the turf and let the direction changing be occurred instantaneously. On the other hand, the lightweight soles have been made by two separate glass fibers which would provide with people optimized flexibility and faster response in the fierce competition.

The second factor is the comfortable feeling. The upgraded support and stability has been perfect fitted. The Nike mercurial vapor ix has applied the V-12 shoe tree according to the natural shape of the feet. This could ensure the speed of the players in the football ground. On the other hand, the upper material which has had the advantages of light, soft and stretchable synthetic would be perfectly fit with the foot shape. This would help people ensure rapid response and speed without the sacrificing for comfort. On the other hand, the upper locking technology would prevent people¡¯s feet have unnecessary movement in the shoes.

In this time, Nike would first publish the gradient purple and orange color. People could book nike gs green speed and purchase this kind of Nike Mercurial Vapor IX shoes on website which is the best online seller for the Nike mercurial vapor 9.

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