Airwheel, a brand that focus on electric scooter, wins a large part of market share for its high cost performance. Airwheel mainly developed city commuting low-end market at the early stage. But in recent years, Airwheel began to develop ellewiith middle-end and high-end markets and market segment to meet the demands of different riders.

On the Airwheel new product release conference, Airwheel released electric cross-country scooter S5 and the subversive electric scooter A3. In the interview session, the chairman of Airwheel, Mr. Zuo Guogang, answered some questions about the two new products of Airwheel. At the same time, he explained the future development direction of Airwheel. That is work hard to produce superior products, develop stably and drive the virtuous circle of the industry.

Till now, the electric unicycle of Airwheel enters 168 countries. It lays the roots in our country and faces the world positively. Mr. Zuo said:” These two new products are the achievement of Airwheel’s hard work in the past one year. In the future, Airwheel will try its best to perfect the product design idea, improve the product technology and concentrate on the research and development of electric scooter.”

When asking the opinion to the competition in electric self-balancing scooter industry, Mr. Zuo expressed that the employees of Airwheel will try their best to produce the best product in the attitude of being responsible for customers.  

The development of every industry is advance in screw type. The ordered competition is good for the development of industry. Airwheel will cooperate and compete with other brands in the industry friendly, choose the brand strategy that is good for the development of industry and push the whole electric scooter industry forward.

Electric unicycle conforms to the developing trend of the economy for its eco-friendly and energy conservation. What’s more, as more and more people realize the importance of green GDP, they pay attention to develop green clean energy. Mr. Zuo believes, the future of electric scooter is bright.

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