UK - Luxury retro colors and colorful romantic feeling should be the main feature of each version of Celine bag. Each one of this brand bag will give people with the exciting visual experience. In a word, with the decoration of the Celine handbags, each woman could greatly enjoy the beauty of their daily life. Today, the famous celine bag uk online seller Celine bag UK will introduce with people the beginning and development of the Celine bag.

At the beginning period of this brand¡¯s bag product, the Celine companies invited the children of 19 superstars including Madonna, Sophie Marceau and other to together design a metal a women celine cabas tote that decorated with feathers and sequins. The sales profit of these bags has been donated to REVES Association to help those terminally ill children. After this charity activity, the brand name of Celine has had very great increasing around the world.

As time goes on 2017, from October 15 to October 30 of this year, Celine has cooperated with famous Korean actress Song Hye Kyo to publish one series of Celine limited edition handbags that had been designed by the cooperation of creative director Ivana Omazic and Miss Song Hye Kyo. This limited version handbag only released 100 in the region of Asia and each bag has a unique number to highlight its luxury and precious.

After the limited version Celine bag, the most featured designation should be the Unisex series of Celine bag, which could be regarded as a continuation of Blason Logo Ti fabric series. This bag series has very highly functional ability. It could belong to medium and large size of the bag, including shopping bags, messenger bags, backpacks, and other side bag. More than ten kinds of models of this series of bag all have multi-layered pocket and each people could take anything they want in place. On the other hand, this bag also contains small leather goods such as wallets, key cases and other. The main difference between the Unisex version and former Blason Logo series is that the former circular metal studs is fixed into square studs, giving more masculine personality traits.

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