China - The laser Pointer which is also known as Laser pointer with remote control has already been regarded as the good weapon for the modern teaching, lectures, presentations and other gathering activities. The laser pointer slowly spread up among the majority of teachers and trainers. For its development process, it can be mainly divided into three generations. Today, the engineer from Guangzhou Vesine which is China most famous manufacturer and supplier for laser pointer and wireless presenter R400 will tell people this information.

The first generation of laser pointer was mainly used for instruction and some models of this initial product also had the functions of money inspection, flashlight, pen or PDA. After some years¡¯ development, the second generation of this product integrated the computer remote function on the basis of the basically pointing and indicating function of first generation. The new remote function makes each speaker get rid of the obstacle of computer and bound to experience the joy of freedom in the process of speech. In addition to the functions of computer remote and laser, the third generation of laser pointer could help people achieve punctuating and writing functions, making speech become more and more comfortable. Nowadays, each sort of laser pointer from Vesine (wireless presenter ) has the related function of the third generation.

According to the market demand from different people, laser pointer generated diverse sorts, such as black flip pen, mouse page flipping pointer, red light flip pointer, green flip pen, hyperlinks flip pen, red laser pointer, green laser pointer and so on. The basically technical features of these products are the same buy the differing only occurs at functions. Many people will wonder which type is what they could choose. Do not worry. All people need to know is that the laser pointer functions are roughly like and the rest depends on their own needs. The diversification of the laser pointer is just to meet the diverse areas of work and personal interests of different people.

As the speaking of engineer from vesine wireless presenter , today, the development trend of laser pointer has gradually entered the peak stage. The growing social demand could let people easily imagine that this market will has greatly increasing in the near future. However, as the leading manufacturer in this industry, vesine will make great effort to launch more and more personality products in the future.

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