Over the course of time there were a lot of things that were developed in order to make our lives a lot easier and a good example for this is the mecanograph. This was one of the first devices ever made that was able to divide the second in 60 smaller parts and it was the beginning of the chronometer that we know and use on a daily basis today.


The mecanograph had the same shape of a watch and it also had a lot of wheels and bolts in order to make it turn, but the speed with which it worked was a lot faster. It had a part that oscillated 216000 every hour and it was able to do it with no trace of wear and it did not have increased friction over time as well, no matter how long it was used.


The developer of this device is Louis Moinet, an expert watch maker that took the time in order to make the lives of people from all over the world easier due to the things he came up with. Time keeping was one of the most important tasks of the day, but when he came with a solution for more accurate results, he was one of the stars of that time.


Thanks to his accomplishments, Louis Moinet was also appointed President of the Chronometry Society of Paris and he was able to take his developments a lot further. He thought that watch making is “one of the finest sciences of the human mind” and the position he was in allowed him to develop and encourage this trade a lot easier than before.


Apart from a watchmaker, Moinet was also a painter and a sculptor, which developed his artistic side a lot better, but he was also keen on astronomical observations. The original purpose of the mecanograph was to aid Moinet in his quest while observing the sky so he could measure things a lot easier, but it found another purpose for him as well.


There are a lot of other things that were developed in order to make our lives a lot easier and you can be sure none of them seem too important to us now. Louis Moinet was a pioneer in this field and he led to the development of this industry a lot more than anyone else before him, which is one of the reasons why he is still remembered in history.


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Not a lot of people know what a mecanograph is, but hopefully they are now able to get an idea about it. Louis Moinet is one of the pioneers of the trade and it is also one of the people who took the industry to new heights and his legacy lives on through the dedication and the care others have shown for the things he tried to share with the world.