Beijing - The people who like the cool summer drink would have new gadget which name is stainless steel ice cube. People could only put this small object into the refrigerator after an hour and then put it in beverages or other liquids. However, it will replace the role of the traditional ice cube. On the other hand, the cooling effect of whiskey stones and stainless steel ice cube would be longer than the ice cube. People only need a little piece of this stone. The expert from the website has said that the melting of the ice will not affect the taste of beverages compared with the traditional ice.

For the usage of this kind of whiskey stones, it is very easy. Before the using for the stainless steel ice cube, people should whiskey stones first wash it and then put it into the refrigerator about 1 hour. After all of these processes, people can put the stainless steel ice cube in the beverage. However, it will make drinks temperature become lower enough and it would not reduce the solubility drink and give you a better taste. It has advantages such as economic, health and environmental protection.

Many people like to drink cold drinks in summer holiday. Nowadays, most of the bars and cold stores are prefer to the approach which is add the ice cubes into the summer drinks, However, this kind of approach has been followed for several years. Although it could achieve the better cooling effect, it would also have a drawback with ice. If people drink the beer for a long time, the ice cubes would be easy to be melted into the water. This would dilute beverage and affect the taste of the drink. In order to solve this problem, the designer for the stainless steel ice cube has thought of this approach. They replace the traditional ice tube with the stainless steel ice cube. This object would be much more convenient for people who prefer to drink the cooling drink.

According to the description from website, the stainless steel ice cubes have been made Stainless steel ice cube of 304 stainless. The kind of stainless steel has contained the 100 percent of inertia. This would let the stainless steel ice cube without the oxidation reaction. The application of the stainless steel ice cube will not change the taste or smell of drink. People could only put the stainless steel ice cube onto wooden pallets and then put them together in the refrigerator. Users can select the length of time frozen and the quantity of the stainless steel ice cube to obtain the desired temperature of the drink.

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