Many people who are contemplating a move or a way to reduce the amount of furniture and objects that they have collected will either use the services of movers or in the case of the latter, the services of a storage company. Movers are very widely used by many people that need to move their possessions around, it can be a simple little move from one town to another or even just one street to another within the same neighbourhood. These small moves actually make up the bulk of a movers companies weekly schedule and also the majority of their income from one month to the next.

there are also a great many private mini movers that operate within on community or within one city, these mini movers specialize in very small moves and usually only use a small van or pick up truck of some kinds or other. Mini movers are simply private small business entrepreneurs looking for an extra income. Of course big movers deal with the really big moves sometimes from one city to another and sometimes from one country to another, these are the big boys and the have fleets of big trucks and trailers and are quite capable of moving a large household in one quick move.

Not everyone is looking to move the contents of their house however, some people simply acquire way too much in the way of furniture and collectible items, they find that it becomes almost impossible to live in their own homes. There are very special services that exist to help these people out of a rather tricky situation, rather than having to sell valuable items at sometimes below market value there is another option which is storage. Storage is a very simple and very effective concept, the owner of a storage facility simply rents out a pre determined, measured out space or unit that the person leasing the space can then use to store anything that they may need to store. In some cases the removals service will also own the storage service, this way they can collect the items that you want to store and then store it for you too.

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