China - The ceramic bearing is the important machine parts of today's industry area. Compared with the metal bearing, this kind of ceramic bearing has own unmatched and excellent performance such resistance with high temperature, super strength and others. However, the components with ceramic material has already dominated the world' new material industry. Over the past decade, the ceramic balls in the ceramic bearing have been applied in all areas of the national economy departments such as aerospace, marine, nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical industry, textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, food, locomotives, subway, high-speed machine tools and other research areas which should face with the extreme conditions such as high temperature, high-speed, cryogenic, flammable, explosive, strong corrosion, vacuum, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, dry friction and other special conditions. These kinds of high performance of the ceramic bearing are all rely on the high quality precision ceramic balls.

Today, the experienced engineer from website which is the high reputation manufacturer for Precision ceramic balls in Zirconia Oxide , Silicon Carbide, Silicon Nitride and Aluminium oxide from the grade G3 to G100.They would tell people the advantage and other feature of this product.

The thermal expansion coefficient of precision ceramic balls is very small. So, this kind of ceramic ball could not become bigger in the high temperature environment thereby this has greatly enhancing the applying temperature of the ceramic bearing. The susceptive temperature of the ordinary bearing is about 160 degrees. However, the max working temperature of the ceramic precision ball can reach 400 to 1300 degrees based on different materials. The lubrication of the ceramic balls is nonsense. The ceramic ball has had the self-lubricating properties. On the other hand, the friction coefficient of ceramic balls is also very low. In that case, the precision ceramic ball bearings have a high rotational speed. The statistics have shown people that the rotational speed of the ceramic ball bearings are many times higher than the rotational speed of the general bearing.

The ceramic ball does not need to be added any lubricated oil. The bearing can still operate even the lubricated grease is disappear. Thus, it would help to avoid the damage phenomenon of the bearing which has been caused by the grease killing. According to our testing and feedback from some of our customers, the ceramic bearing which has applied the ceramic precision ball could has the long service life which would be 2 to 3 times of ordinary bearings.

The application of the material of ceramic material in industrial area is more and more widely nowadays. The Ceramic disc is only one kind of this area. However, there are also many other kinds of zirconia ceramic components.

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