10, August 2015: Normally, an experienced cell phone forensic specialist is hired and paid to retrieve invaluable text messages that have been deleted from cell phones. Aside from that, they also have the skills and ability to retrieve other useful data in cell phones such as caller ID, address book, photographs, graphics, videos and email addresses. Now, iFoneMate is proud to present their revolutionary iPhone data recovery software which can be the ultimate resort to retrieve deleted text messages on iPhone. There is no need to hire and wait until a specialist comes because this software only need to be connected to an iPhone and it will now do its most excellent work of retrieving deleted text messages.

There are times that people cannot help but delete older messages to organize everything and also to save up space on their iPhones but afterwards feel the regret of doing so because they hardly recalled that some of their previous text messages contain valuable data. They feel devastated and hopeless, thinking that there is no way to recover iPhone data than to pay hundreds of dollars to cell phone forensic specialists. Fortunately, iFoneMate iPhone data recovery software has now come to life. It comes to the rescue as the newest and easiest way to recover iPhone data without the need to hire and pay for the service of a professional.

There are various reasons why invaluable iPhone data are deleted. Some of these reasons can be due to the iOS system upgrade, disoperation, jailbreaking, water damage, virus attack and replacing battery. No matter what the reason is, iFoneMate data recovery software guarantees to recover iPhone data in a quick and easy manner. iFoneMate is a potent and simple to operate software which supports all iOS devices such as all versions of iPhone 3, 4, 5, iPad mini, iPad air, iPod touch, etc. The data recovery software presents 3 easy models of recovery which are: from iCloud Backup, from iTunes Backup and from iOS Device.

Through this iPhone data recovery , there is no way an iPhone user will be frustrated and devastated. If she doubts her partner, she can easily connect the software program to her partner’s iPhone device to look at his previous deleted messages. At a very affordable price, there is no need to hire and spend hundreds of dollars hiring for a cell phone forensic specialist.

iFoneMate data recovery software for iOS devices is provided by Globalshareware. It’s proud of its 3 easy steps to quickly retrieve deleted text messages.

For any inquiries or for further details about iFoneMate iPhone data recovery, please feel free to visit their official site at http://www.globalshareware.com/ifonemate.

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