Beijing - The bug which is also known as the program error referred to function properly which has been caused by the running result of software program. On the other hand, the bug for the game such as WOW and other program could also due to the crashes, data loss and abnormal interruption phenomenon. Today, the best online seller for WOW CD Keys which website is would tell people the meaning of bug.

In 1945, the Grace Hopper has found the first computer bug. When they were working on the Harvard Mark2 which was the advanced computer in that period of time, the whole team was not sure why the computer does not work properly. After all the depth of the excavation, they have found a moth flying has entered the computer which has caused by an internal computer fault. The team had removed the errors and recorded this incident. So, the bug has been firstly occurred.

Recently, the national server of World of Warcraft has canceled the first kill for Leiden. This series of wararaft cd key questions about the game bug has also been pushed to the cusp. However, the best online seller for Cheap CD Key which website is has said that the bug is inevitable thing for Game Programming. For the huge game such as wow such, this kind of problem is also very normal. The editor form website has believed that people who have ever availed bug is not in small number. Despite the game company has always forbidden the game bug, however, this kind of thing has been always very normal.

In April 8 evening, the guild in black iron server has finished the first kill for the hidden boss Leiden in 5.2 World of Warcraft Lightning Throne. Afterwards, the official of WOW has confirmed that this first kill has used the mechanism loopholes of the game. After this matter, the Blizzard has released a line of emergency subsequently amendation. After the official release of the blue posts announcement, the WOW companies have also announced that they would withdraw relevant achievement and trophy awards in this killing. At the same time, all of accounts of WOW and Cheap CD Key which has been involved in this killing would recieve72 hours a temporary freeze punishment.

The editor of website has also published the Blue posts Announcement from Diablo 3 CD Key the official website. The content of this announcement is that the company of WOW has learned that some players in China has found some bug in this lightning Throne's first killing. According to the terms of World of Warcraft Chinese version, the WOW companies would recover in the second kill and loot obtained correlation achievement awards.