Many scientific and medical studies show that there is nothing to fear from skin tags, particularly cancer. Often we tend to ignore if our skin suddenly have these tiny growths, especially if they show no signs of growing in size. But then we scramble to look for a skin tag treatment when the skin tags do not remain tiny and instead start growing. It is normal for people to grab a wart treatment, thinking it will also work on skin tags. But skin tags and warts are different. Skin tags are shaped differently and their size could be as big as a grapefruit. Skin tags may be small, but they can be easily noticed seen they tend to grow in clusters on a certain area of the skin.

Skin tags that are on the small side are hardly an issue. Skin tags that grow in non-sensitive areas, particularly those that are always covered up, are actually overlooked. Dealing with skin tags early on will make the elimination of small skin tags a breeze. In order to prevent the occurrence - and recurrence - of these skin tags, you should immediately go to a doctor for a proper prognosis once the growths start manifesting themselves. Treating these small tags is also a painless process. People who have had skin tags before are in a better position to find out which medication to use, which natural remedies to apply, and which treatments to choose when dealing with skin tags.

Inevitably, to some people, the condition worsens by the day as the growth increase in both size and sensitivity. It becomes especially painful when the skin tags grow on sensitive body parts that are constantly exposed to friction and contact with skin or clothing. In some cases, the constant abrasion and friction can lead to more complications when bleeding starts to happen. This instance blurs the statement that skin tags pose no risks. If you do not immediately have the skin tags looked at and treated by professionals, you will be risking contracting infections and other skin complications.

The first concern of the dermatologist when faced with a case like this would be to staunch the bleeding. In choosing the type of treatment that would be used, the size of the skin tags will obviously have a bearing. It is noticeable how small tags often appear in parts of the body that are exposed to cool air, whereas the larger skin tags often develop in warm areas of the body that are often covered from view. Put a lot of thought into choosing your treatment since the skin tags could be found in parts of the body that would require special care like, for example, skin tags appearing in the area around the anus and the armpits, where friction is constant.

The process known as cauterization is the most often preferred treatment for these areas. In these procedure, a hot metal is placed directly on the tag until it is burnt away. There is no need to worry about infections when this procedure is used, and although you would experience some pain, you will be assured that regrowth of the skin tags is not a possibility. Although the freezing treatment is very costly and cannot be afforded by many people, it is also effective in dealing with large skin tags found in areas that are often hidden. Lasik skin tag treatment is the other option that works well.

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