UK - What is the energy supply of the restaurant wireless pager? Does the energy is the 220V AC or battery? Today, this article that written by the editor from famous wireless calling system supplier will let people know about the details about the energy using of these professional restaurant pagers.

The coaster pager which manufactured and supplied by WITOP could be mainly divided into two parts which are the calling extension and the receiving host. The energy type of the host and the extension part could be differed. The host product use the 220v AC for their normally operation work and it has been equipped with the power adapter. People could easily run the host by simple plugging power. On the other hand, the extension part of the wireless restaurant pager applies the batteries to achieve the normally working.

At here, some people should have the question about why extension part of the using batteries instead of AC energy. The reason for the extension part work with batteries is because of the extension part has very high flexibility in the restaurant environment where there cannot be able to install power outlet to each table. So, the using of the AC is not realistic. The use of batteries could let the application of the extension part of the calling system become more flexible and there will be unlimited for restaurant outlets.

There are also some users who worry about that the using of batteries will increase the product subsequent investment. In fact, the wireless restaurant pager from applies the intelligent energy-saving technologies. In the standby mode, the extension part will be in the shut up condition where there will be almost no demand on battery power. Only when the guests press the call button of extension part, it will consume small amounts of electricity.

According to the WITOP¡¯s statistics that found in the restaurant environment, the using time of a pair of batteries in the extension part could be used about half a year. That is to say the wireless calling system user could only need to replace the battery for about half of a year. Furthermore, the cost of a pair of batteries is very little. Assuming that the restaurant will uses 50 extensions, the ongoing maintenance of all of these products is also very little. So, users should not need to worry about this problem.

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