Beijing - The led bulb is today¡¯s fashion trend for the energy saving and the environmental friendly. With the rapidly development of the Led technology, the industry for the led bulb has had greatly progress. Although there has had great result in this industry, the problem for the researching and developing of the led bulb has still had much serious troubles. In order to let people especially the professional one know more about these problems, the engineer from website which is the best manufacturer and supplier for led bulb would let people have good understanding about these problems.

The first problem is that the demand for cooling and radiating of the led bulb is very high. If the ability of the cooling for the led bulb is very low, the applying life of the led bulb would be decreased greatly.

The second point is the high initial cost for bulb. The price for the LED bulb is very high. Although the long-term led spotlight cost of the led bulb may be lower, the higher initial costs of LED bulb have greatly limited the penetration rate.

On the other hand, the ability of CRI for the led bulb needs to be strengthened. The main reason why the fluorescent cannot completely replace the incandescent lamps is that the CRI ability of the fluorescent is not very good because of poor color rendering fluorescent lamps. The incandescent lamp has had continuous and smooth spectrum and its CRI is close to 100. This kind of light could highly protect people¡¯s eyes. The CRI of the low-end LED bulb is lower than fluorescent lamps. Hope the development of LED technology could help people solve this problem.

However, the efficiency of the led bulb could also be strengthened. The efficiency of LED efficiency at low luminosity would be very excellent. When the power of the led bulb has been increased, the efficiency would have great decreasing especially for the high power led power at low-level which the efficiency would be less than the T5 lamp.

The production of the led bulb has large error. Each led bulb In the same batch production would have its unique brightness, color, bias and others. The operator should spend great cost in ceding different kinds of LED bulb.

The concept of the LED bulb designation should be another point which could have great influence with the LED light strip development of LED industry. No matter what kind of situation, the technology development would prove that all of these problems would be solved as soon as possible. If people want to purchase the high quality led bulb, the website would be the best choice for them.

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