The EPIC Channel introduces India’s first Twitter alarm

 Set your alarms, It’s show time with The EPIC Channel!



National, July, 2015:TV Channels are continuouslytrying to find new and innovative ways to engage Twitter fans.The EPIC channel executed a unique innovation for their new campaign —#EPICat10.The channel is the first broadcaster/company to use ‘The EPIC Channel Twitter Alarm’ that lets followers set a reminder for the 10 PM shows.The Twitter alarm was conceptualized for the EPIC Channel by Grey Group India and executed in collaboration with Twitter. The Twitter application was created as part of the EPIC Channel’s on going Campaign. The objective of the campaign is to drive viewing to the 10 PM slot.


The mechanism is simple. After following the EPIC Channel on Twitter, a follower can set the reminder from a specially created Tweet. Once the reminder is set, the Twitter application sends the follower a reminder Tweet at 9:45 PM to watch the 10 PM shows. Launched on 6th July, the innovation has already become popular.


Mr. Mahesh Samat, MD, The EPIC Channel says, “When Grey suggested the idea as part of the ‘EPIC At 10’ campaign, we were instantly sold and excited to get it activated. We are proud to announce ‘The EPIC Channel Twitter Alarm’ for the first time in India. Twitter has been excellent in facilitating the innovation. The core idea of our Campaign is to drive tune-ins to the 10 pm times lot on the channel.The Twitter Alarm fits in perfectly with the campaign.”


The EPIC Channel Twitter Alarm idea was conceptualized and executed by Grey Group India. Sunil Lulla, Chairman and MD of Grey Group India commented, “At GREY Group, we are constantly looking at creating, ‘Famous & Effective’ campaigns for our clients. This makes it imperative to step beyond the boundaries and create - even if it is something as simple as a ‘Twitter Alarm’. We hope that soon enough, India will need no reminder to tune into The EPIC Channel at 10 PM.” 


Aiming to build a high level of engagement with its audience, the Twitter Alarm will let fans set an alarm for their favorite Epic shows through Twitter. One has to then just sit back, relax and enjoy the show … at 10!


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