10, October 2015: In recent years, an increasing number of customers tend to appeal to the electric vehicle, taking environmental protection issue into consideration. Tesla is always the ruler in electric vehicle manufacture while more and more vehicle manufactures want to participate in. Recently, Porsche and Audi are hoping to challenge Tesla in the luxury electric car market. Porsche unveiled its first all-electric concept car at the Frankfurt auto show Tuesday. T It is exciting news for electric vehicle amateurs; nevertheless, the extremely high price scares a huge sum of people away for it is hardly possible to purchase a Tesla or Porsche. Today, an Airwheel M3 electric skateboards, with its reasonable price is gaining an increasing number of fans in a global scale.


Environment protection is the soul of Airwheel Technology whichalways updates its technology and pursue the best way to promote environment protection and green traveling concept. Generally speaking, one common Airwheel intelligent unicycle just consumes 1 KWh with zero release. In addition, Airwheel electric scooter is super easy to carry, fashionable and proves to be pretty safe. For the environmental lovers, an Airwheel electric unicycle is the most suitable option for short distance travelling and daily entertainment.


It is foreseeable that in the soon future, electric vehicle will occupy a great percentage of vehicle market which the trend of this era. Human being cannot destroy the unique nature anymore; instead, everyone should take his responsively to protect it. Why not take a simple action from riding an Airwheel intelligent scooter?

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