USA - The WMV format is the primary choice for videos that can be played seamlessly on a Windows PC or phone. And when the need for a conversion software arises, the free MPG to WMV converter gets a double thumbs up, one from first time users and the other, from old hands. First time users will find the interface simple and easy to use. The fact that separate versions of the converter are available for different operating systems like Linux, Mac, Android and iOS, reduces the disk space, curbs download time and makes it an essential conversion tool.

The tool is dedicated to separate MPG to WMV conversions . Alternately, it also comes with the batch conversion feature, which allows users to convert multiple files without having to sit by the computer for hours on end. The end result is that one the one hand, it is packed with functions and boasts of faster processing. On the other, it saves a lot of time and effort, since the user can also change the resolution of the file, based on the available disk space. For connoisseurs of high quality visuals, this convertor comes packed with the option of selecting HD, for best viewing quality or change the resolution at will.

What makes the MPG to WMV converter worth downloading is that that all it takes is four steps to a seamless Windows movie experience. Step one is to click on ‘add files’, after choosing the files that need to be converted. After a quick review of the selected files comes step two, which is to re-order the files on the basis of priority and if necessary, delete unwanted files. Step three is to check and alter the output resolution and destination folder if required. This leads to the final, ‘convert now’ step. Simple, efficient, essential.

About MPG to WMV Converter

The Free MPG to WMV converter converts MPG files to WMV format in four simple steps, for a seamless audio visual viewing experience on Windows PCs and phones.

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