Medical crowdfunding website CauseWish specializes in helping people from all over the world raise money for medical expenses online. And the reason for that is clear, the cost of medical treatment, particularly in the US, is far beyond the means of most people.

To help draw more attention to the cost of healthcare in the US and around the world, CauseWish produced an infographic that looked at many important elements.

For example, research showed that US healthcare is by far the most expensive in the world. Medical bills cause more than 60% of US bankruptcies and 4 in 10 US adults did not see a doctor when sick because of the cost. Furthermore, the average hospital spend per discharge in the US far surpassed that of other countries. In the US, the cost per discharge is $18,000 and Canada is the closest runner up with a per person cost of $13,000.

CauseWish report that many of the fundraisers on its website do in fact have health insurance. However, the insurance often does not cover the full cost of adequate treatment. Fundraising therefore becomes one of the only options individuals have to help pay medical bills.

Thankfully, fundraising campaigns on CauseWish have raised several thousands. When a loved one sends their family and friends a link to their campaign, almost everyone wants to get involved to help the patient meet the critical expenses. The fundraising pages also act as a place to share messages of support and love — something CauseWish say is critical to helping someone bounce back from a serious illness.

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