USA - Today, the high reputation online selling and teaching site for cad software would let all of the CAD users the feature, application and classification about the cad software such as Autocad 2013 and autodesk autocad 2011. If people want to learn the professional CAD skills, the website would be the best learning place for them.

The first point is the features about the CAD software. First, the Cad software such as AutoCAD 2013 has had the perfect graphics rendering capabilities. In this features, other software could not keep pace with the CAD software. Second, with the helping of the CAD software, people could get more powerful graphics editing features than other software. Thirdly, with the using of this kind of software such as AutoCAD lt 2012, people could gain a variety of methods for secondary development or customization. Forth, people could achieve the converting from a variety of graphics formats. However, this kind of software has contained the strong data exchange capabilities. On the other hand, the CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2011 could support a variety of hardware devices and it could also support a variety of operating platforms. The operation for this kind of software such as AutoCAD 2012 Autodesk is not difficult.

The second point is the application about this kind of CAD software. The first kind of autocad 2013 application should be the engineering drawing such as construction, decoration design, environmental design, hydropower engineering and so on. The second factor is the industrial drawing such designing for the precision parts, molds and equipments. The third point is about the garment processing such as the clothing plate. On the other hand, it could also used for the electronics industry which is related to the designation of the printed circuit board. However, the application of the CAD software such as Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2012 is very widely.

The last point is the category of the CAD. People should know that the Autodesk has already developed industry-specific editions and plug-ins in different industries. For example, they had already released AutoCAD Mechanical version such as AutoCAD 2012 Autodesk in mechanical design and manufacturing industry. In electronic circuit design, they released a version of AutoCAD Electrical. In general, if there would not have special requirements for clothing, machinery, electronics and construction industry, all of companies could use the AutoCAD Simplified version.

However, if people want to purchase and learn the professional CAD software such as autocad lt 2012 Autodesk AutoCAD lt 2012, they could browse the website of autodeskmarket where is the best place for the CAD software learning. In this website, people could also learn many professional skills about this software.

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