Shanghai - From the recent news, the 2013 Fifth Shanghai Jewelry Fair will be held in August 2 to 5 at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. The reporter from website has said that third largest jewelry design new conference will be staged at the center stage which would be the most lighting highlight in this exhibition. Frankly speaking, there will be industry-renowned fashion jewelry designer who would show you a gluttonous feast of exquisite for handmade jewelry.

It is reported that people would see that the exotic fashion would be put into the jewelry design in this exhibition. One of its most popular designer jewelry has been made of the amber from Poland-based materials which name is Angel Tears. This is the most expected product in this exhibition. The special amber plus with blue belt which could give people the fashion style they want. The masterpiece from the famous fashion jewelry maker whose name is David R Freeland would be displayed in this exhibition. The name of his masterpiece is ocean series. The Opal embedded sapphire which is luxurious and elegant would be the new trend of jewelry in the year of 2013.

In addition, the Chinese style and trend would still occupy an important place in the jewelry supplies fashion jewelry market. The reporter from website has said that the Chinese element would be the main factor in this exhibition. However, there are also a large number of China designers who would let people see their famous designer jewelry. People who want to see the introduction about this exhibition could browse the website which is the most famous e-business website for jewelry supplies.

On the other hand, the pure and beautiful diamond would be the most favorite embellishment thing for jewelry designers. The designer jewelry would also be added to the big jewels and which would bring people a strong visual impact. However, this kind of styles would also be displayed in this exhibition. It would give people unique feeling in the future.

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