Jiangsu — The bearing engineer has indicated that the seal bearing had skfbearing-china.com already been filled with the appropriate lubricating grease in the production process. For the open bearings, it has also used the sealing device to prevent leakage of grease in the host part. In that kind of situation for the sealing device and sealing bearing such as SKF 6202 bearings, there should be the problem about what amount grease should be injected into the bearing. Today, the bearing expert from website www.skfbearing-china.com which is the high reputation SKF 6204 bearings supplier would give people fully explaining about this problem.

People who have working in the machine factory should have such understanding about that the smaller amount of greasing could easily lead to lack of fat or dry friction which would largely affect the life expectancy of bearing such as SKF 6203 bearings. On the other hand, if the injecting grease amount is too large, it will lead to the excessive temperature rising. However, the leakage of grease would pollute the surrounding environment and it would also cause into the wasteful. Thus, the amount of grease which should be injected into the bearing must ensure the adequate lubrication of bearings.

People should know that the lubrication grease has good ability such as adhesion, abrasion resistance, temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and lubricity. The China bearings distributor which website is abtbearings.com has said that the bearing lubrication could largely improve the issues such as high temperature, oxidation resistance, aging, the cleaning for dissolved carbon and other factors. However, it could improve the mechanical wear resistance, pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.

After the understanding for the importance of bearing grease for the bearing, people should also know that too much grease in the bearings is a very badly problem. Much grease is one kind of waste. On the other hand, this would do harmful to the service life of bearing. People should know that the higher the speed of the bearing, the greater the danger of the bearing with too much lubrication grease.

The engineer from skfbearing-china.com has said that the temperature of the bearing would have great increasing with the increasing of the grease filling amount. On the other hand, for the same filling amount, the capability of temperature rising of the sealed bearing should be higher than the opening bearings. In that case, people should pay more attention to the grease filling of the sealing bearing.

Generally, the grease filling amount of the SKF 608 bearings should not exceed SKF 6204 bearings about 50 percent of the internal space of the bearing. The authority test has also showed that the filling amount for grease of ball bearing should be 20 to 30 percent.

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