China — Industrial insiders should know that Track Roller are the crucial components for the belt conveyor idlers. This kind of machine parts has variously types and large quantities. The cost of the idler roller accounts for 35 percent of the total cost of the belt conveyor and it could born more than 70 percent of the friction force so the quality of this part is particularly important.

The engineer from Quanzhou Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd which is China professional manufacturer for Track Roller and Idler Roller has described with people the function and classification of their related Idler Rollers products.

The function of this machinery part is to support the conveyor idlers and material weight. The operation of the roller must be flexible and reliable. Reducing the friction force between the roller and conveyor plays the key role to extend the service life of conbeyor belt which account for more than 25% of the total cost. Although the idler roller is only the small component of the roller conveyor and the structure is not complicated, it is not easy for manufacturer to produce the high quality roller.

However, the Quanzhou Hongda Machinery Co., Ltd is the most excellent example in this industry. Their high quality roller products could be divided into the nylon idlers rollers and Ceramic idlers rollers.

Nylon rollers have low coefficient of friction and good wear-resistant. It is not easy to damage the belt. This kind of roller products own excellent self-lubricating as the natural ability of its materials. People could normally use this in the adverse environment without any oiling. Furthermore, the performance of corrosion resistance, aging resistance and resistance for organic solvent for the idler roller is also very good. It is able to withstand repeated impact and vibration. Nylon roller own light weight, only one-third of the same size metal parts and it is easy to be installed.

The second sort of roller product from should be the ceramic idler rollers. The ceramic roller can effectively prevent belt deviation and reduce local loss belt and then the service of the belt will be largely extended. The ceramic roller contains high strength, good wear resistance and longer service life. On the other hand, the idler roller has high resistance with the high temperature, high performance for anti-oxidation and other good features so that the ceramic roller products from Top Roller could be suitable for various harsh environments.

From here, people should have fully knowing about the roller products from which is the Chine leading manufacturer in this industry.

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