26, December 2015: Airwheel, a worldwide famous brand of electric self-balancing scooters, is specialising in manufacturing electric scooters and exporting over ten thousands of scooter overseas market. Under the glossy achievement that Airwheel gains, it is indeed quite difficult to imagine Airwheel had gone through an infant time. In its infancy, Airwheel created a lot of famous models like X8 and Q5 by trial and error. In fact, to be a power company in the sector, Airwheel experienced a variety of phases.


From the perspective of design, X-series electric unicycle was the first model in its infancy. It harvested the liking and disliking from all walks of life. The original intention Airwheel has been cherishing is to make Airwheel electric scooters available in every nook and cranny in the world. Not only are they available online and in the brick mortar stores but also availably suitable for every beginner who eager to steer them. Airwheel made it by making a considerable modification to X-series. This kind of modified version is Q-series. Of them, Q5 exemplified this series. On the one hand, the twin-wheeled structure ensure the ability to keep balance. On the other hand, it does no harm to the agility.

In recent new product release conference, Airwheelreleased new models, i.e. M3 and Z3. M3 and Z3 are inspired by the traditional devices. The traditional skateboard is rather popular with the youngsters. In view of this fact, Airwheel got thinking out a way to revamp it. Finally, the traditional skateboard was transformed into electric skateboard. The same goes for Z3. This modification provides a brand new reference for Airwheel. It is highly likely that Airwheel will go on with this idea for a long time to come.


Addition to the brand new models, Airwheel will add new members of both A-series and S-series. The two revolutionary series are keeping a high momentum and, in order to maintain the trend, Airwheel will do likewise. There is a bright future in store for Airwheel.

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