Hiring a house cleaner in Bristol is an increasingly popular decision made by households. But with work hours seemingly forever increasing, and people having less free time to enjoy what they love, it seems like a logical step to have your cleanliness levels managed by somebody who wants to do it for you instead of relegating yourself to the monotony. Perhaps it’s no wonder why 1 million more people employ a cleaner than a decade ago. 

The recession appears to be coming to an end, and the squeeze on the disposable income of families in Bristol is loosening which is great news for the economy and fiscal growth, however on the flip-side, companies in Bristol are demanding more from their workers in attempts to ride this growth to the top, and because of this many people say they just don’t have the time to do their own housework. 

Hiring a cleaner certainly isn’t a bad thing. Although previously the middle class found it awkward to pay someone to do their own chores, it appears that most people no longer find it embarrassing, and can easily justify outsourcing this part of home life and avoid the time spent arguing over who does the cleaning as well as the time taken to do the cleaning. Busy lives make time especially precious in this day and age. 

So the question in Bristol ceases to be ‘do I don’t I?’, and instead tends to ‘who do I hire?’ Well, you certainly won’t be stuck for choice. There are a multitude of companies and independent cleaners vying for your custom in Bristol, but the key is to pick the ethos which suits you, and there seem to be 3 main players: Independent cleaners (or the cleaner down the street) is the first choice- A 1 person team who operates locally, loves a chat and does the different duties you need. The second option is a competitive, margin based company- they have a multitude of employees, longevity in Bristol and everything is regimented, however they seem to lack the personality that goes well with the intimacy of letting someone into your home. The third player is the franchise and the franchisee; a streamlined business structure which appears to work. The franchisee invests and is presented with the skeleton of a successful venture; the only problem with this option is that in order to drive decent profits for the franchisee and the franchise, prices tend to be sky high. 

Enter the forgotten option, the local, modern and morally conscious company. They are a combination of the 3 main players: The have personality and really care about your satisfaction, they treat their cleaners fairly and are focussed on everyone they interact with being happy, and finally their business plan is solid- they’ve identified their market and they are seeking to improve it, after all surely that’s the best business plan right? Offer a service better than everybody else’s. Check out an example of one of these new-era companies from Bristol at www.TidyandShiny.com

And there you go: Your options for which type of cleaning company to use in Bristol to help you focus on what’s really important to you. Pick the one that suits not just the life you lead, but the life you want to lead as well, book it up, and relax! 

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