Tibet - For the people who want to have chine voyage, they should face with many headache problems. However, people www.gladvoyager.com should know that these problems could not be avoided. Today, the best agence de voyage chine which website is www.gladvoyager.com would let people know these obstacles.

The first problem for people who want to have travel around China is the language barriers. Although there are more and more Western children who have starting to learn Chinese and more and more Chinese people learn English, there would be also exist long trip for the overcoming to the language barrier. However, the English could be used in any countries. In any country, people could use English to communicate with people. But in China, there is not good like people’s imagination. In that case, people who want to have voyage sur mesure en chine should prepare enough for Chinese language.Only in that way could they have a good trip in China.

The second problem is the problem if China's image. However, this kind of problem should be agence de voyage chine attributed to Western reporters. All of western reporters do not want to let people know the good side of China. People who know more about China’s situation hould be surprised that most of people would have suspicion and even fear feeling and the living in China. This is a very serious problem for all of people around the world.

The third problem is about the environment of China. The tourist guide from gladvoyager has also said that some of China's great forests and mountains do not have well maintaining. These natural sites could not be compared with the U.S. and Europe countries. The Great Wall is the must-see attractions but it cannot be the basis for national tourism industry. However, this country has also had many other famous tourist or culture site. The great wall is only the one part of them.

The other factor is the overcrowding. In accordance with the principle of value for money, China does not have enough tourist infrastructures to meet the increasingly large group of tourists. With the introduction of a large number of investment projects, this kind of problems would be gradually eliminated.

No matter what kind of problems, people who want to have vacances chine should understand that the circuit chine China is the country where have more than 4000 years’ history. The culture, local conditions and history of this country would be main reasons that people from all over the world want to visit this country. If people want to have good trip in China, they should choose the gladvoyager which is the best travel agency in China.

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