Macau, September 16, 2015— Many of the “project owners” of the world’s largest projects will be meeting with some of the most progressive investors at the Global Projects and Investment Summit (GPI Summit)  in Macau on November 24-26, 2015. The projects represented will include international highway systems, national power grids, and even alternative energy projects. The investors at the summit represent nations, individuals, corporations, and funds that are seeking to invest in infrastructure projects that will both improve the global economy and provide a return on investment.

“There is no other summit or conference in the world like this one. We expect to see and hear from some of the most influential people on the world. From government leaders to corporate giants to scholars, the speakers and attendees are a who’s who of the large project investing world. We expect to see billions in investments negotiated and dozens of projects started based on the events at this conference.”  - Lizette de Senna Fernandes, Managing Director, Global Projects and Investment

Diplomatic officials from Great Britain, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Iran, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Peru and Mexico will be in attendance along with private industry leaders from every concerned field: construction, investing, planning, insurance, and many more. There will be time dedicated at the conference for attendees to receive training in Risk Analysis for which each attendee will receive certification. This certificate is suitable in many cases to meet continuing education requirements for professionals and educators.

“The GPI Summit will be an outstanding opportunity for project owners to meet with the right investors to get their projects off the ground. The formal conference atmosphere combined with many informal networking events will make it simple for everyone to meet and work with the right people for their projects and investors.” — Lizette de Senna Fernandes, Managing Director, Global Projects and Investment.
The Global Project and Investment (GPI) Summit is a unique opportunity for investment promoters to find a worldwide audience. The summit will take place at the Venetian Macau (Estrada da Baia de Nossa Senhora da Esperanca, Macau), November 24 to 26. The event features speakers from all over the world and will include training and networking events. More information and registration is available at

If you would like more information about the GPI Summit, please contact Lidia at (+853) 6233 8727 or email at [email protected]